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The Mercury MUD driver is a C++ network server for extensible text-based multi-user role playing games. Players can extend the game world on the fly (even while the game is running) via a simple object-oriented C-like language.

Although a bit retro in these days of MMORPG's and FPS's, MUDs and text-based adventure games still have a strong appeal to those who are more interested in role playing and using their imaginations, both as players and as game developers, than in eye candy and caffeine substitutes. ;)

The Mercury driver is primarily designed as a scripting and extension language for real-time interactive multi-user server applications. The canonical application is the Multi-User Domain, or MUD, where a native code driver provides the low level network and filesystem support and a scripting language is used to define and describe the "world".

From the FAQ:

A MUD (Multiple User Dimension, Multiple User Dungeon, or Multiple User Dialogue) is a computer program which users can log into and explore. Each user takes control of a computerized persona/avatar/incarnation/character. You can walk around, chat with other characters, explore dangerous monster-infested areas, solve puzzles, and even create your very own rooms, descriptions and items.

Traditionally, the term MUD only applies to a text-based game, similiar in spirit to text based adventure games of bygone years.

Although written from scratch, Mercury is very similiar in concept to the LPMud driver (and its derivatives like Amylaar, MudOS, etc.) The Usenet group has a FAQ which goes into detail about all the different styles and implementations of MUD.

Okay, so why do "yet another MUD driver"? There are a couple of reasons:

Incidentally--if you're interested in such things--the project is named after my cat.

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