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Mercury is intended to be a fun project, for players, mudlib developers and driver developers. We're not (particularly) trying to be balls-out cutting-edge state-of-the-art. I would like the driver to become useful enough to run some production MUD servers and provide some useful and/or cool features for MUD designers.

I'm also not particularly concerned about "re-inventing the wheel." Sometimes that's the best way to learn how wheels are made.

I'm primarily doing this for my own grins and giggles, but I would also be pleased if others find it useful or even desire to contribute to the project.

Finally, while I would welcome folks with experience in doing this sort of thing, I don't necessarily feel contributors have to be super-robo-coding wizards. For example, although I consider myself competent in C, I have next to zero professional experience with C++. Part of the point here (for me) is to develop some experience with C++ in non-trivial applications. If you're not a prodigy--don't worry, we'll learn together.

Send an e-mail to Loiosh with a brief note telling me a bit about yourself, including what experience (if any) you have, what platforms and compilers you prefer to work with and what kinds of things you'd like to do.

If you need some ideas, you can check the task manager for this project on SourceForge. I'm attempting to keep it up to date with pending development tasks. You can also check the release plan to see the general shape of what's next.

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