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October 6, 2003    Windows Binary of Mercury v0.0.6 Available

I've packaged a binary release of mercury-driver-0.0.6.tar.gz built for Windows platforms and including cygwin1.dll (for users who don't have Cygwin installed.)

Simply go to the Files link, download the file and unzip it. You can run the test programs from the directory that is created.

Per the distribution license of cygwin1.dll (The GNU General Public License), source for the base Cygwin package (which includes the DLL) is also available from the Files link. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS TO RUN THE PROGRAMS!

If you're interested in installing Cygwin, which provides a Unix-like emulation layer for Windows, I recommend you use their web installer at the Cygwin homepage.

September 27, 2003    Mercury MUD Driver v0.0.6 Release

Note: vmtest has been obsoleted. Use the /exec command from the chat client to invoke byte code. See the README for details.

Added in this prototype release are:

Not too much new in this micro-release. The next step is the first pass of the Mercury-C compiler, and I want get the high level language available for mudlib development as soon as possible.

See ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

September 22, 2003    Mercury MUD Driver v0.0.5 Prototype Release

Note: the invocation for vmtest has changed and a new executable has been added. See the README file for more information.

Added in this prototype release are:

Namespaces and package support have been pushed out to a later release (most likely v0.0.6) Also coming in the v0.0.6 release is integration of the network driver and the VM test to provide some simple chat server command interpretation through byte code in preparation for v0.0.7, which will have the first implementation of the actual high level scripting language.

See ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

September 10, 2003    Mercury MUD v0.0.4 Prototype Release

Added in this prototype release are: Mercury has also been updated to build on a number of new platforms - see the README in the source distribution for details. The README has also been updated with a new VM test example (for exercising the native string class)

See ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

September 3, 2003    Next Prototype Release

I've updated the release plan with the features I will be adding in the v0.0.4 prototype release. This release will include the first (and almost certainly not the last) retooling of existing code, so there's likely to be a bit of a delay. Check the Open Discussion forum for details.

I'm shooting to have v0.0.4 ready at least by September 12, but hopefully before then.

August 31, 2003    Mercury MUD v0.0.3 Prototype Release

Added in this prototype release are: Inheritance is not supported yet, nor are instance destructors or class constructors/destructors. Exceptions are currently string references and can not be caught (i.e. throwing an exception will terminate the thread.)

See ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

August 27, 2003    Mercury MUD v0.0.2 Prototype Release

Added in this prototype release are: Argument passing and method return values (as well as instantiation of objects, instance methods and instance members) have been deferred to v0.0.3.

The README file in the distribution has been updated with instructions for running the two demo programs.

See ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

August 19, 2003    Project Kickoff

After developing a partial VM and server prototype implementation, I've registered the Mercury MUD Driver with SourceForge. Hopefully, some like-minded developers will be attracted to the project and help make it a reality.

The initial code base has been imported into CVS, and I've put together an initial prototype release. Interested parties can subscribe to the mercury-mud-cvs mailing list to get nofications of CVS updates.

If you are interested in contributing to the driver development and have some interest and/or experience with virtual machines, byte code and/or language development, feel free to drop me a line.

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