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Consult the Files link on the project page on SourceForge for the latest release.
v0.0.6 (CVS)
Class packages and namespaces. Preliminary integration of VM with network test to provide command interpretation for chat client. Initial wrappers for POSIX filesystem and directory access.

v0.0.7 (CVS)
Initial draft of high level language (Mercury-C) and implementation of compiler. Class loader for Mercury C files that emits .mob object files.
v0.0.8 (CVS)
Terminal input (with associated I/O block thread state). Password and normal input states. Separate directory structure for generated .mob files. Manual class un/reloading (with ChatShell command to unload a class.)
  • Key system APIs (security, connection management, string operations, I/O, logging)
  • Initial mudlib integration (connection management, authorization, basic command parsing)
  • Security and member/method access (Protected/private, or possibly some other integration with the VM security model.)
  • Garbage collection.
  • Swap to persistant storage for inactive (but still referenced) objects.
  • Native threads
  • more?

v0.1.0 (pre-alpha)
All core VM, compiler, network and platform functionality supported in driver prototype. Implementation of simple mudlib for test/evaluation.
v0.2.0 (alpha)
Production hardened and optimized version of pre-alpha release - minimal new core features. Concentrate on speeding up VM execution, minimizing resource usage, plugging security holes, etc.
v0.3.0 - v.0.7.0 (pre-beta)
Add and extend core features based on testing and user feedback. Provide more fully developed mudlib functionality and lower priority driver features. I will probably begin to actively recruit developers, server hosts and play testers at this stage.
v0.8.0 (beta)
Resolve alpha issues and begin to prepare for production release. Fill out documentation, develop more extensive base mudlibs. Find, set up and support servers to run the beta. Soft feature freeze after this point.
v0.9.0 (pre-release)
v1.0 release candidates. All features frozen - only issues required for production release to be addressed.
v1.0.0 (production)
v1.0 stable production release.

v0.0.1 (CVS-20030818)
Initial snapshot release of CVS development. Includes telnet protocol server with simple chat shell, filterable system logging, time/timer support classes, config file parser and preliminary VM and assembler implementation (arithmetic and branching instructions only). Support for array reference objects, but not classes or strings yet.
v0.0.2 (CVS)
Adding features for VM, including multiple assembly files, string constants, class member and method definition and resolution.
v0.0.3 (CVS)
Adding features for VM, including parameter passing, method return values, object instantiation and instance methods/members. Also adding preliminary exception support.
v0.0.4 (CVS)
Adding VmObject wrapper, primitive list and map datatypes, automatic reference counting, native code integration and preliminary native string class.
v0.0.5 (CVS)
Native exception class support (with stack traceback), VM thread scheduling and emulated multi-threading. Persistant byte code files and preliminary class loader.

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